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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Snow Shoot! :D

A few months back, when the snow was still EVERYWHERE, my sister and I decided to do a shoot out in the garden...

We tried to capture a little vintage-fairy-tale magic. And despite the fact that our outfits were definitely not suitable for the weather, it was so much fun and we managed not to freeze to death!

I got the idea from the coats we owned, which are extremely similar in style even though we bought them at different times. Mine is actually the cream, although we swapped for the shoot.


I had wanted to do a Little Red Riding hood shoot for ages so I got my chance :) My sister, Katy, and I chose the outfits together from a combination of her clothes. Our shoes were a pair of nude courts for me and a stunning pair of sparkly black stilettos for Katy. Too bad the snow was too deep to do them justice!

These you've seen so far are the photos straight off the camera, no editing. I chose a special couple to do some extra work on for my portfolio:

Hope you like them!

Sara xx

All photos in my blog are © delusional-dreams, and may not be used without my permission.


  1. Hi these pictures are really great, you look abit like alicia silverstone, that is a compliment, I like the red coat. I ignored your blog before, because i'm never sure if its someone who wants comments thought it might be a small group of friends. I just read the text below. I'm not sure I can really judge photoshots but i'm interested to hear what you have to say.


  2. Thank you for your lovely comment! ^-^
    I welcome any feedback and anyone is welcome to read/follow if they are interested. :)

    I love having a blog because it allows me to delicately 'dump' photos that I like but would become repetative in a portfolio. And it allows me to ramble my heart out!

    So thank you for your support :) I hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

    Sara xx