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Thursday, 17 March 2011

To the Point!

Are you sitting comfortably? :)

I suppose I should open with a tad about myself. I am Sara (pronounced Sarah), 20 (but don't feel that old), and a student studying a degree in English Language while secretly dreaming of becoming an architect (don't worry; I'm working on that one!)

I originally created this blog to accompany my online photography portfolio on DeviantART -

But newcomers are most welcome! Here you will find all my most recent photography experiments - projects, shoots, practices, everything - the stuff that makes it onto DeviantART, and stuff that doesn't. I am by no means a pro, but always keen to learn.

I also love to dabble in drawing, writing and crafts (primarily plushie-making), so no doubt you'll be subjected to some of that stuff too ;)

So please feel free to follow - I would love to support you too ^-^

To start you off, here's a crazy little picture of me:

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