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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

'Runaway' Shoot

One of my recent popular photos was the following:

So I thought I might provide some background info and outtakes from the escapade :)

It was absolutely freezing this day! I was out in my garden in a very thin white dress, so needless to say it was rather chilly! If you look closely at the image above you may be able to see the goosebumps on my arms >.<

Using a cold light effect on my camera, I tried to create a dark and hostile atmosphere, wearing white to create a ghostly effect.

 My cats got in the way A LOT, as usual. They can't resist a runaround in the garden.

My boyfriend was doing the photographing. He kept having to pass me my shoes so that I could move around to other parts of the garden, which I imagine got quite annoying towards the end...
All in all I loved the way the photos turned out, and might fix some more of them up in the future :)

Fancy a spot of trampolining, anyone? XD

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