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Monday, 6 June 2011

Silver and White and all things Bright

Hello all :)

Today I will share with you some pretty things!
Mainly my pocket watch and silver birdcage necklace, two of my favourite jewellry pieces at the moment.
And these are doubly exciting because they make use of my new macro lens! (I actually got it in March but have neglected to show you its power thus far).

Here are the completed shots:

And here are some unseen ones...
I had fun playing with the focus and trying out different depths.

All the photos were taken on my windowsill for maximum natural light :D I really loved how they turned out!

The pocket watch reads the same time in all photos because it has stopped... D: OH, WOE! I shall have to get the battery changed some time soon.

Also, I took some pictures of some keys... I haven't used them for anything yet because I'm not really sure about them, but enjoy them anyway!


Also, I have a new ID on my DeviantART [which you can find here ], which I'm very excited about!
I've been a bit vintage tea-party crazy lately, so I called it "Tea For One"...

My hair has grown so much! That's my natural colour on top, and it's actually now dyed black underneath, which unfortunately doesn't come across very clearly from the photo...
The orchids on the fairylights were made by me :) I am now origami master! Mwahaha~

That's about it for now!

Please note: all photography in this blog is (c) delusional-dreams and may not be used without permission. Thank you!


  1. I love the pocket watch and the last picture and thank you I am enjoying the sunshine. I know it is good to blog, maybe I will open my own blog someday, i kind of want it to be perfect. Enjoy your tea, yes its ok I will not take any of your pictures!.


  2. Thanks!
    And yes I was going to ask if you had a blog of your own :) I know the feeling, like you want to dedicate it to something in particular so it has focus...
    And sorry I will stop banging on about copyright soon XD
    It's just that I've had my photos used without my permission before, and the ones I post here don't have my watermark on them...
    and it seems particularly with blogs and tumblr that people will just assume they don't belong to anyone and they just get passed around the internet with no regard to the artist :/ it's kinda sad, but not much to do about it I suppose. /endrant :D

  3. Just discovered your blog and what a beautiful young lady you are and I loved your photos. I am a great-grandmother who lives in Perth, Western Australia and I am always fascinated by the blogs of others. Mine are so dull and dreary 'cos being old means there's not a lot of excitement these days in one's life. Thank you.