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Monday 6 June 2011

Silver and White and all things Bright

Hello all :)

Today I will share with you some pretty things!
Mainly my pocket watch and silver birdcage necklace, two of my favourite jewellry pieces at the moment.
And these are doubly exciting because they make use of my new macro lens! (I actually got it in March but have neglected to show you its power thus far).

Here are the completed shots:

And here are some unseen ones...
I had fun playing with the focus and trying out different depths.

All the photos were taken on my windowsill for maximum natural light :D I really loved how they turned out!

The pocket watch reads the same time in all photos because it has stopped... D: OH, WOE! I shall have to get the battery changed some time soon.

Also, I took some pictures of some keys... I haven't used them for anything yet because I'm not really sure about them, but enjoy them anyway!


Also, I have a new ID on my DeviantART [which you can find here ], which I'm very excited about!
I've been a bit vintage tea-party crazy lately, so I called it "Tea For One"...

My hair has grown so much! That's my natural colour on top, and it's actually now dyed black underneath, which unfortunately doesn't come across very clearly from the photo...
The orchids on the fairylights were made by me :) I am now origami master! Mwahaha~

That's about it for now!

Please note: all photography in this blog is (c) delusional-dreams and may not be used without permission. Thank you!

Saturday 7 May 2011


Hello lufflies :)

Today I will introduce you to some spring shots from my garden!

 This was the day I got my tripod, and the sun was shining so beautifully outside!
And one of the upsides to living in Wales (and a farmhouse for that matter) is the greenery...

Did I mention it was my birthday? :) The denim jacket and baige skinnies are new, so I matched them with a floral top belonging to my sister and my beloved denim brogues...


The two I chose to show from this shoot are the following... I paired the second with a macro shot I took of the gorgeous blossom in the garden with my new macro lens (yes, also a birthday present!). Hope you like themmm :)

 Please note: All photography in this blog is (c) delusional-dreams and should not be used without my permission - thanks!

Tuesday 22 March 2011

'Runaway' Shoot

One of my recent popular photos was the following:

So I thought I might provide some background info and outtakes from the escapade :)

It was absolutely freezing this day! I was out in my garden in a very thin white dress, so needless to say it was rather chilly! If you look closely at the image above you may be able to see the goosebumps on my arms >.<

Using a cold light effect on my camera, I tried to create a dark and hostile atmosphere, wearing white to create a ghostly effect.

 My cats got in the way A LOT, as usual. They can't resist a runaround in the garden.

My boyfriend was doing the photographing. He kept having to pass me my shoes so that I could move around to other parts of the garden, which I imagine got quite annoying towards the end...
All in all I loved the way the photos turned out, and might fix some more of them up in the future :)

Fancy a spot of trampolining, anyone? XD

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Thursday 17 March 2011

Snow Shoot! :D

A few months back, when the snow was still EVERYWHERE, my sister and I decided to do a shoot out in the garden...

We tried to capture a little vintage-fairy-tale magic. And despite the fact that our outfits were definitely not suitable for the weather, it was so much fun and we managed not to freeze to death!

I got the idea from the coats we owned, which are extremely similar in style even though we bought them at different times. Mine is actually the cream, although we swapped for the shoot.


I had wanted to do a Little Red Riding hood shoot for ages so I got my chance :) My sister, Katy, and I chose the outfits together from a combination of her clothes. Our shoes were a pair of nude courts for me and a stunning pair of sparkly black stilettos for Katy. Too bad the snow was too deep to do them justice!

These you've seen so far are the photos straight off the camera, no editing. I chose a special couple to do some extra work on for my portfolio:

Hope you like them!

Sara xx

All photos in my blog are © delusional-dreams, and may not be used without my permission.

To the Point!

Are you sitting comfortably? :)

I suppose I should open with a tad about myself. I am Sara (pronounced Sarah), 20 (but don't feel that old), and a student studying a degree in English Language while secretly dreaming of becoming an architect (don't worry; I'm working on that one!)

I originally created this blog to accompany my online photography portfolio on DeviantART -

But newcomers are most welcome! Here you will find all my most recent photography experiments - projects, shoots, practices, everything - the stuff that makes it onto DeviantART, and stuff that doesn't. I am by no means a pro, but always keen to learn.

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